jayanhold.com is established as a reputable source for adventure and travel photography, and stories of places and experiences in the American West and beyond.


jayanhold.com provides high-quality editorial content and photography for adventure travel, photography, urban exploring, and lifestyle expressionism off the beaten path. we provide high-quality editorial content and a user-friendly infrastructure that encourages readers to get outside and explore their surroundings. we provide exceptional photos to buyers at affordable prices.


As we make decisions to further our mission, we will hold them against the backdrop of the following:

1. We always challenge ourselves to be better than we are.
2. We are aware of our impacts to the globe and how our travels affect it
3. We foster an environment in which high-quality content is encouraged and rewarded.

We believe that sticking to our values creates trust, which is the cornerstone of what we do. We hold our standing within the photographic, adventurism, travel, and outdoor community above all else and embrace these values as the driving force behind any success we achieve:

Honesty and integrity
Transparency to our clientele
Usefulness to adventurers
Diversity and respect for others and their opinions
Service to the globalcommunity
Environmental and social responsibility