PCT in Kennedy Meadows

PCT in Kennedy Meadows

Troy Meadows

Celebration Camping Weekend


If you haven't heard from us in a while it's because:

1) we eloped so that we could

2) buy a house together

3) and move out of a festering 💩hole in North Park to the 'burbs

Now that we've finally caught our breath and haven't quite realized how broke buying a house makes you, we are ready to celebrate the fact that we found the one person more stubborn than we are to spend the rest of our lives... with a camping trip.

The plan: Be at Troy Meadow campground between Friday morning and Monday morning. This campground in Sequoia National Forest has pit toilets, paved roads and sites, water and is is near to: 4 by 4 trails, Hiking trails through meadows, Fishing, Sport and trad-climbing on a granite outcropping, Dog-friendly (on leash, please. There will be no bacon-grease licking again this year, Beta.)

COST: $17/night, per space (2 vehicle max per space)

It is approximately 6 hours north of San Diego, accessible by all types of vehicles.

WEATHER: We've gone to this campground the last two Octobers and have typically had warm days in the high 60s and low 70s , with chillier nights in the low 40s. It's basically my pumpkin spice latte to let me know that fall is here.

IF SNOW: we will pull an audible and go somewhere in SoCal - probably Anza Borrego. Jay will call on Tuesday, October 15th.

AGENDA: Arrive at your leisure between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Most likely, we will be climbing during the day. Saturday 6:00pm Champagne toast and beginning of potluck dinner. 7:30 pm to 10:00 pm outdoor dance party and campfire shenanigans Sunday: You decide.

What to bring: Tent Sleeping bags. Your idea of appropriate clothes for temps (we will update as it gets to be that week). Food for your meals. Cutlery to eat your food (fork, spoons, plates, bowls, a cup to drink champagne out of). If you're into games, bring them. Other things to know: There will be at least ONE minor. Please limit the use of federally controlled substances around them and low-nudity when they are around. (She's kind of a prude)

RSVP: "Yes" -- 💯% coming, you won't feel bad for counting on me when you invest in some bougie champagne; I don't mind being part of 1 million emails trying to sort out caravans and gear shares

"Maybe"--sounds awesome, can't commit (because of work or existential dread) and if I come and I don't get champagne, I won't be butthurt and will not mind 1 million emails regarding caravans

"No" - I know you've been talking about this since last Thanksgiving (Kate Cowper) but I'm a jerk who can't plan ahead/have family in town/got butt cancer and I'm getting a colostomy bag that weekend/hates camping (you choose)

First, where is it? Fish Creek Crag is located at approximately 7,600 feet in Sequoia National Forest near Kennedy Meadows, CA. It is located approximately 1 hour from US HWY 395 up Nine-Mile Canyon Road in the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Road Closure Update with Directions below!

We will be staying in Troy Meadows Campground.

Temps: It usually is in the 60s during the day; 30s at night. This is subject to change.


Preferably, the first people there will get 2-3 adjacent sites at the end (bottom of the hill by the creek/meadow) non-walk in. This will be our base of operation for the next two days. We can have campfires. Please bring 1 bundle of wood (minimum).

There are several sites that will work for a group.

There are several sites that will work for a group.

Climbing will be at Fish Creek Crag. There is information on Mountain Project: https://www.mountainproject.com/area/107965156/fish-creek-near-kennedy-meadows. This is the guidebook. I have had email conversations with the developer and what you see is what is there, and though it’s pretty secluded it’s also used a bit as evident by the worn area at the base of the crag.

It’s mostly bolted sport on excellent granite. There are some loose spots, but the rock is overall great quality. There are single and multi-pitch routes ranging from 5.3 to 5.11. With finesse we can set several topropes as well as have some lead climbing too.

This is an active bear area. All food and smelly stuff will NEED to be stored in the bear boxes at your campsite. The campground has vault toilets and water, though I’m going to bring water anyway.

All times are from SAN DIEGO!

All times are from SAN DIEGO!