Jay Anhold (°1980) was born and raised in Reno, Nevada and introduced to the outdoors at an early age by his parents who were happier being out of the city than in it. Through travel either on foot or epic road trips he was exposed to the natural beauty and landscapes of the diverse western states. Influenced by their outdoor pursuits he developed a love for the wilds that he hopes to pass to his daughter through exploration, discovery, and adventure.

His interest in electronics and photography happened early. Electronics turned into a good career and he had a camera with him wherever he went. He traveled the world while in the military; though the travel bill is now mostly paid for by him. He still seeks unique and interesting places to visit, learn about, and explore; whether it is an urban retreat, a distant vacation, or a deep wilderness destination. With a knack for adventure he often finds himself on wild weekend road trips to explore the beauty of the American West. He also takes time to investigate his current urban environment. His interests are with landscape, travel, commercial, and portrait photography.

Jay examines the raw beauty of his surrounding environment and sometimes develops it in absurd ways. Jay currently lives and works in San Diego.